Greetings :-)

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On the “Househould” blog, I will try to cover many different topics including cleaning, electricity, water, organization, and laundry.  This blog will definitely become a site that you will want to bookmark in your favorites.

On just the “cleaning” topic, there are so many ideas and tips that I would love to share with you as well as have you share yours with me and everyone else.   There are so many levels of cleaning:  deep-cleaning, regular cleaning and “dusting up” which is just hitting the high spots.   There are also topics like spring cleaning, fall cleaning, and Christmas cleaning…. these topics cover chores that you usually schedule only several times per year.

Electricity – do you live in an area where electric is higher, lower, or average in comparison to other locations?   What percentage of your bring-home income is used to pay your power bill?  Would you like to get your electric bill under control and as low as you can possibly make it?  This topic will be discussed in depth on this blog :-)

Water — a city very near to where I live has one of the highest rates for water!  I have heard of water bills as high as $1200 per month and that is just for a regular family-sized home….  Is your water bill eating up your monthly income?  Would you like to learn of ways to save on your water bill?

Join me on this blog for many great tips and ideas on the subject of HOUSEHOLD :-)