What Does It Mean to Be Frugal in Your Household?

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Let’s start by looking at the definition of “frugal”:

Some key words that are used to define “frugal” are:  economical, prudent, not wasteful.

Now, let’s look at some synonymns:  thrify, careful, penny-wise, penny-pinching

Notice that the definition didn’t include “deprivation”.  Frugal living doesn’t mean doing without the things you need – it’s about living smarter and spending smarter.

When you are frugal in the way you spend your money – you are getting the best deal on the items that you buy so that you are not wasteful with your money.  You begin to stretch the dollars that you have available and you are able to do more with less.

Sometimes being frugal means that instead of purchasing items, you find ways to make sure with what you already have.   I’m sure you’ve heard the statement:  reuse, repurpose, recycle.  I’d like to add one more word to that — repair.  In this day and age, it’s so easy to just go and buy a new item than to repair an old one.  In the world we live in, it seems everything is disposable and we are taught that by all of the sales and marketing gurus.  They make it sound so easy to just go and purchase a new “widget” instead of repairing an old one.

Sure living a frugal life does take a little more effort than just taking the easy way out.  Instead of this modern age of consumerism, being frugal means buying quality items that will last – not items that will end up being “disposable”.  It means repairing items that wear out or break.  Being frugal means taking care of things so they do last longer.

Stay tuned – more articles coming on how to be frugal in your day-to-day living.



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DECLUTTERING – What to Do FIRST? Stop Buying!

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Before you even get started – STOP… stop bring things into your home.  Stop trying to make yourself happy by purchasing things that you do not need.  Evaluate your true needs before making future purchases.  Do you REALLY have to purchase this item or can you make due?  Is the purchase a “want” or a “need”?   Remember the minimalism mindset – MORE is LESS.

During this time, your only purchases should be food, cleaning supplies that you absolutely need and cannot do without, and toiletries OR any item that you can not do without and need on a daily basis.  You should not be shopping for clothing, furniture, arts & crafts items, decorative items, things that you collect or do not serve a USEFUL purpose, etc.

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Minimalism – Let’s Talk About It!

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Let’s look at the word “minimal” — it means:  barely adequate or the least possible

Minimalism in our households is only having those items that we absolutely have to have.  You try to live your life with only the things that you NEED.  If you live a frugal lifestyle, then you are not spending money on things that you do not really need.

Minimalism goes hand in hand with being frugal.  Being a minimalist or living a minimalist lifestyle can result in a clutter-free, stress-free and happier life.  Removing clutter and excess things that we do not really need from our homes can save us time as well as money.

Something that minimalism does not mean is that you do not have anything extra that you love – it just means that you are very selective with those items.   In this day and age it seems like possessions are an indication of happiness and wealth.  Individuals get too caught up in the obsession of “collecting” things that do not really bring them happiness.  Instead, this over abundance creates clutter and stress in their lives – and can be a waste of money and resources.

Being a minimalist isn’t only about possessions – it’s also applies to the way that we live our lives.   We should be selective and slow down and enjoy life – not be stressed out trying to do too many things and getting caught up in the rat race that life can create.

This sounds great, doesn’t it?  Concentrating on what is important in life and only what we need in our homes.  But how does one get started?   You start in one area of your life at a time.  The first area that is usually the easiest and will make the fastest impact and difference will be decluttering your home.  And where and how do you start that?  One room at a time :-)   And while you are doing this, look at your time and your schedule.  Begin to declutter your daily schedules and only spend time on what is absolutely important.  Then use your extra time to work more to declutter your home.

Set realistic goals on a daily basis and focus on completing those goals.  You will feel accomplished and satisfied at the end of the day when you’ve completed what you set out to do.

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