Your Kitchen Garbage Can….

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You know, I’ve often heard people say “buy dark colors because they don’t show dirt”.  Well, that’s true – darker colors do not usually show dirt as well as lighter colors or “white”.   But just because you can’t see the dirt and germs doesn’t mean that they are not there!!




Above are 3 graphics – each showing a different color kitchen trash can…  the first is a dark gray (almost black), the second is a very light gray and the third is a white trash can.

I purposefully chose the white kitchen trash can for several reasons.   The first reason is that the white DOES show when the trash can is dirty.  So in between regular cleanings, I know if I need to clean it.   And second, I know my trash can is clean when I can scour it with Comet!  Not only does the Comet clean the trash can very well, it helps to bleach out stains, and I know that my can is disinfected.

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